Sunday, 26 February 2012

Living at New Zealand's first cannabis club

The Daktory featured in the Truth Weekender 24/2/12

Working in a cannabis cafe has been a lifelong dream for me, so when I was offered a position at New Zealand's first cannabis club, I took the job.

The Daktory is located at 80 Delta Ave, New Lynn, Auckland and sells cannabis to the public five days a week.

Cannabis is dispensed from a vending machine which has 1g bags available for $20.

Daktory owner Dakta Green is serving 23 months in Mt Eden prison for charges related to the Daktory. However the club continues to operate and has a good relationship with Police and the local community.

Seeing hundreds of people queue up to buy cannabis each day, reinforces just how popular cannabis actually is in this country.

Most of the customers are the sort of people who don't want to buy from the black market. There are professionals who come to the daktory in suits after work.

The club is the ideal example of how well a legal regulated cannabis trade could operate. The club is R18 and customers must have zero alcohol on their breath when they enter.

While there is no likelihood of the NZ government legalising cannabis, there are big plans for these clubs to spead nationwide.

Community trusts will be used to return profits to local communities and bring public support to the idea of cannabis clubs.

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