Sunday, 4 March 2012

Trip to Hastings for Birthday Party

Marnz brewing up a cuppa for the guests
Marnz Manix is a very active member of the cannabis community so it was great to get the opportunity to head down to her birthday a week ago.

Marnz lives in Paki paki which is also the home of Norml's marae and kaumatua.

Paki paki was also one of the places mother Mary Aubert lived. She produced medicines using cannabis and is soon due to become New Zealand's first saint.

On the drive down to Hastings we met up with the Norml crew from Te Puke and Waihi.

By the time we got to Hastings it was getting late and we were all looking forward to relaxing in the hotel rooms that had been booked.

We got to the Town Lodge Hotel it was fully booked out because of a Rod Stewart performance that weekend. Our booking had been entered on the wrong date and they refused to issue a refund. So we were left on the side of the road with no vacancies in town.

Luckily some cops gave us directions to Paki paki and we we able to stay in Marnz's garage. It was a bit rough but we survived.

The next day we helped set up the party. Guests showed up from around the Nth island to celebrate Marnz's 24th.

There was heaps of good pot food there like pot-corn and muffins.

There were also plenty of farm animals to entertain the party goers, like ducks, cats, rabbits and chickens.

We heard about Marnz's plans to open a cannabis information centre and dispensary in Hastings. It will be opening on the 20th of March.

I will look forward to visiting the new club when it opens.

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