Thursday, 1 March 2012

Trip to Rotorua to make RSO

A few weeks ago I went to Rotorua on a mercy mission.

I had seen a lot of evidence on the net suggesting that Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) could cure cancer.

I had been keen to try some on a cancer patient for some time so when I was contacted by a man in Rotorua whose son has terminal brain tumours, I took the opportunity to help.

It was the first time I had been involved in producing the oil and it took some time to find all the neccessary ingredients.

A couple of high grade Oz was procured in Sth Auckland, no mean feat at this time of year, and off we went to Rotorua.

The recipie involved soaking the material in isopropyl alcohol, before straining and evaporating the alcohol off in a rice cooker.

It took about three hours to make and we produced around 2/3 of a syringe of oil. Of course the syringe is used for storing and dispensing the medicine for oral ingestion, not injecting.

The oil was given to the terminal cancer patient who appeared to like its effects. A drop smaller than a grain of rice proved to be more than enough for a single dose.

Taking the oil three times a day for two or three months, should be enough to treat most types of cancer.

I have not yet heard whether the patient is improving but I will keep you posted.

A young child with the same sort of brain tumour recent became cancer free using the medicine.

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