Friday, 9 March 2012

Trip to Waikato Hemp Project

Tending the weed
Earlier this week I traveled with former Norml President Chris Fowlie to the Waikato Hemp Project.

A 10 hectare field of hemp with over 100,000 plants was nearly ready for harvest. The crop is growing in a remote farm location about 30 min drive from Hamilton.

It was surreal to see so many cannabis plants appear before us. The males had died off and the females were in full bloom, fully seeded. The aroma was amazing.

The Hemp farmer Dave Jordan plans to press the seed for oil while his business partner is interested in making biofuel from the hemp.

There is also a lot of interest from Waikato University, with the opportunity for post graduate students to study the potential uses of hemp. These uses include papers, plastics and building materials.

We spend a few hours among the hemp, pulling out weeds and standing up plants that were blown over in the storm. It was a great experience as I have always wanted to get involved in the Hemp industry.

Dave is also setting up an educational hemp farm near Hamilton for the public to view hemp growing and processing in action.

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